Partner Network

We work with the best-of-breed payment processors, technology providers and sponsor banks in the industry to deliver an embedded finance solution that is tailor made for you.
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Bank Compatibility

Our unique integration technology and library of core banking adaptors makes it easy for us to connect our partners into any banking environment.

Cost Reduction

Most of our best-of-breed partners come pre-integrated with the FutureBank platform, dramatically reducing integration costs.

Speed to Market

We provide a production ready environment with our preferred partners, enabling you to launch your product offering faster than your competitors.

Payment Processors

We have preferred partners providing access to all major card schemes, regional card schemes, clearing houses, mobile networks and cryptocurrency exchanges.
Account Funding
Payment Processing
Card Issuance and Management
Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Technology Providers

We work with the best-of-breed technology partners from around the world to provide all aspects of an end-to-end embedded finance solution.
Cloud Infrastructure
Security, Identity Verification, KYC, AML
Core Banking, Fraud Monitoring, Treasury
Document Management, Loyalty, Custom Development
Tech Providers

Sponsor Banks

We partner with a number of banks around the world to connect FinTech companies to the following services. 
Deposit Licenses
Bin Sponsorship
EMI Licensing
Regulatory Reporting

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