Core Integrations

Our library of DOMA based Microservices provides plug-and-play connectivity to the most common core banking and payment systems.  We also provide an integration Microservice template using our unique Interop Technology to accelerate integration cycles into any core system.
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The best financial brands in the world are powered by Mambu's cloud banking platform.  Mambu's powerful Lending and Deposits capabilities that are cloud native make it one of the best core banking solutions in the market today.


The stalwarts of the financial services industry, FIS's core banking systems and transaction processing systems are the backbone of the banking industry and run inside thousands of banks across the globe.  FinTech the financial world is built on.


The world's most powerful cloud native banking platform.  10x are the new players in the market, taking on the challenge of running the largest banks in  the world in a fully cloud native way with their advanced technology and architecture.
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