Written by Sergio Barbosa on January 23, 2017

Strategic Partnerships

After an eventful few days at Tech Crunch in San Francisco late last year, we've been busy working with the companies that showed interest in our beta program.  Working closely with integration partners and customers during the early stages of product development is critical if you are going to bring something to the market that really resonates with your target audience.

In the case of FutureBank the market consists primarily of the thousands of smaller Banks, Credit Unions or even FinTech startups in the US that are looking for enterprise grade mobile solutions and user experiences for their customers that can be easily customized and extended at a reasonable cost.  Our research shows that a lot of these Banks, Credit Unions or FinTech startups partner up to share infrastructure costs or partner to get economies of scale through software re-usability.

FutureBank fits right in this space, so we've started looking at events around the US that brings these crowds together with the strategic intent of working together and partnering up to get strategic advantage for their own respective companies.

The first of these that we are attending during the course of 2017 is this week in New York City and its titled the Strategic Venturing and Partnerships Between FinTech and Financial Institutions Conference (yes that is a mouthful).  We're hoping to find partners in the US that are interested in distributing and implementing FutureBank. It promises to be a great event - take a look here for more information on the event and the amazing list of speakers and panelists present over the 2 days.

If you're reading this and interested in partnering with FutureBank in some shape or form (you have a core banking system that you want a new Mobile or Web front end as an example), please just mail us at admin@getfuturebank.com.

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