Written by Sergio Barbosa on September 3, 2016

TechCrunch SF - Unveiling FutureBank to the world

After many years of building mobile and web based banking solutions from the ground up, our core development team realized that 80% of the time they were building the same common functionality over and over again.

Most of the companies with a FinTech product strategy and with which we have worked in the past have a core banking system that they have either purchased or developed themselves to manage the internal workings of their FinTech product.  But there are usually two key missing pieces.  The first is a custom user experience (via mobile or other digital channels) that uniquely differentiates the product to the consumer, and the second is the ability to aggregate and orchestrate functionality between their core banking system and other complimentary systems or services.

In the case of the first missing piece, the custom user experience, this can be abstracted from the underlying Models, Controllers and APIs that provide the core functionality of the FinTech product.  In the case of the second missing piece, disparate yet complimentary system and services can be abstracted by common interfaces and patterns using SOLID principles, and then orchestrated accordingly based on the business processes required.

By following the above approach and providing integration out-the-box to the most popular core banking systems on the market, the FutureBank Platform can provide our customers with a jump start to building their FinTech solution quickly.

Right now we are unveiling the Beta program to the world - an opportunity for companies looking to build a Mobile Banking/Payments App or similar FinTech Solution to sign up and join our Beta program, get access to the FutureBank Platform and work with us in perfecting it.  Once we go out of Beta in March 2017, companies involved with the Beta get access to the full version at a discounted rate.

If you are in the SF Bay Area between the 12th and 14th of September 2016, please come past Startup Alley at the TechCrunch event to get a closer look at what the FutureBank platform can do for you.

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