Written by Sergio Barbosa on April 16, 2017

FutureBank choose Entersekt Security

Earlier this year we concluded agreements with Entersekt that enable us to embed the Entersekt technology within our FutureBank Platform.  The FutureBank Platform now supports out-of-band unique device registration and step up authorizations on our mobile channels as well as soft token generation for securing Internet channels.

Our choice of security partner in Entersekt was an obvious one.  Entersekt are far ahead of any of their competitors in the field of authentication and mobile security.  The reason for this is their focus.  Whilst many of their competitors cover a very wide security spectrum in terms of solutions, Entersekt focus specifically on the areas of authentication and mobile security.  As a solution provider we can in turn offer mobile and Internet banking solutions to Entersekt customers with our FutureBank Platform, allowing them to keep this focus on authentication and mobile security.

By embedding best of breed security technology into FutureBank in the form of Entersekt, we ensure that our FutureBank Platform is the most secure mobile and internet banking solution in the market today.  The FutureBank Platform now also includes biometric authentication for securing sensitive transactions as well as tamper detection for compromised mobile devices.

For release in September this year we will be introducing some new advanced features arising out of this partnership that we will be able to showcase in the FutureBank Platform.  More on this to follow.

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