Embedded Finance

Use our suite of Developer Experience APIs to integrate accounts, cards, payments and lending seamlessly into your business.  Available with mock data sets and Postman collections with sample request data to accelerate integrations and custom implementations.
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Developer Experience

Connect to all the capabilities of Accounts, Cards, Payments, Beneficiaries and more with a single, easy to use, fully documented API.

Sandbox Mode

Use our built-in mock data and Postman collections to simulate and develop against real world user journeys.

Monitoring and Analytics

Get real-time insights into your embedded finance and banking layer and respond to  customer demands quickly.

Buy now, Pay later

You don't have to be a bank to offer banking.  Use our single API to quickly onboard customers and offer them credit through our best-of-breed partner network.
Credit Scoring
Account Opening
Settlement and Reconciliation

Checkout Insurance

Coming soon, we are going to start offering on demand insurance using our single API and serviced through our best-of-breed partner network.
Quotations and Offers
Recurring Payment Processing
Claims Initiation


The FutureBank platform offers a single API for embedding payment and card issuing capabilities directly within your customer experience through our partner network.
Payment Initiation
Payment Processing
Card Issuance and Management

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