Embedded Finance APIs

Use our suite of developer experience APIs across the FutureBank platform's feature set of Accounts, Cards, Payments, Beneficiaries, and much more.
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Increased Productivity

Our documented REST-based APIs are available with mock data sets and Postman collections with sample request data to accelerate integrations and custom implementation.

Reduced Risk

FutureBank decouples the dependencies on legacy banking infrastructure and partners with the best-of-breed financial services capabilities in the market.

Improved Insights

Our event-based microservices architecture provides rich data sets for you to analyze and have a better understanding of your customer's behavior.


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API Documentation
Swagger End Point FutureBank

Swagger end Points

For more information use the sandbox documentation above
Use our infamous Richard, Ulysses and Maddison Test Credentials to create a session with the FutureBank sandbox
A successful Login to a FutureBank instance will return a SessionId
A SessionId, ServiceId and AppInstanceId in the payload of each call
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Postman Collections

Our Postman Collections help you get coding faster. With sample mock data pre-populated for API requests, and a variety of code languages to choose from, building a fintech app has never been easier.
Login and Registration Playbook
Account Details and Transaction History Playbook
Card Control Playbook
Payments and Transfers Playbook
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Postman Collections

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