September 12, 2017

API Banking

At its core, the FutureBank Platform is a MicroServices API platform that integrates into the most popular Core Banking systems in the world.  Our Banking API exposes a common interface to digital channels and FinTech partners whilst abstracting the complexities of the underlying legacy Core Banking systems.  Our Banking API can provide a single end point into multiple disparate Core Banking systems.

FutureBank uses unique asymmetrically encrypted HSM tokens to secure each transaction through the platform.  The platform exposes an event driven SDK architecture for easy integration into 3rd Parties, Merchants and Individuals.

The FutureBank platform has the following MicroServices:

  • Authentication: Deals with all things security related and is powered by patented authentication technology
  • Registration: Deal with all things related to on-boarding users such as KYC
  • Persona: Deals with all things related to the specific identity using the platform, be it human or computer
  • Account: Deals with all things related to a store of value
  • Banking: A set of adapters, one for each of the worlds most common Core Banking platforms, with a single common interface
  • Payment: A set of adapters, one for each of the worlds most common Payment platforms, with a single common interface, including Bill Payments
  • Document: Handles physical, compliance related documentation requirements, such invoicing, statements and bill presentment
  • Loyalty: Abstracts the complexities of linking Membership programs with Payment instruments
  • Messaging: An Deep Learning, Artificially Intelligent service that looks across the platform to provide and respond to conversational content that is contextual

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